Manipal School of Information Sciences (MSIS)  established in 1998 at Manipal is an industry-driven state-of-the-art training institute of excellence in the field of VLSI, Embedded Systems, Medical Software, and Data Sciences.

Since its inception, the institute has continuously strived for excellence in education, training, and research with a mission of offering valuebased education.


MSIS has internship and research collaborations with

  • Philips, Bengaluru.
  • Applied Cognition Systems (APCOGSYS), Bengaluru
  • Mirafra Technologies, Bengaluru ..
  • Karnataka Microelectronics (KarMic), Manipal
  • Manipal Dot Net, Manipal..

We also have credit transfer programs with

  • ESIGELEC, France.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, USA..
  • St. Cloud State University, USA.