Workshop on Myofascial Dysfunction in Sports – Evaluation and Management (April 15-16th 2017)

July 24, 2017


  • To equip health care professionals with the knowledge of anatomical continuity of Myofascial system
  • To understand the common myofascial dysfunctions
  • To treat the same with release therapy and prevention of same

Resource Persons

Mr. Prabu Raja .G , MPT

Target Audience

Health care professionals and students interested and working in the treating musculoskeletal pain of patients and athletes (Physiotherapists, Exercise scientists)

Workshop Content

  • Architecture of human living fascia
  • Anatomy of human myofascial system
  • Fascial dissection
  • Evaluation and training of myofascial systems in sports
  • Assessment and management of myofascial dysfunctions in musculoskeletal conditions


  • To understand the functional anatomy of human Myofascial system
  • To be competent in identifying and treating Myofascial dysfunctions

Prabu Raja.G, demonstrating to the workshop attendees the anatomical connections of the anterior sling.