Author Article on - Cavities in Kids: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

April 14, 2022

Manipal, 13th April 2022
: The author’s article, How Do I Keep My Child Cavity Free During Early Childhood? by Dr. Suprabha B.S, Professor and Head, Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, MAHE-Mangalore.

In this article, Dr. Suprabha says that it is rather unfortunate to see parents bringing their young children for dental treatment with complaints that could have been prevented with proper measures. She explains that cavities are one of the most common dental problems in toddlers and children. And she also highlighted the causes and prevention of the issue.

An article was published in the Only My Health – one of the most popular Health & Lifestyle eJournal.

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