The Art Centre houses twenty-six works of K.K. Hebbar from the Portrait Collection, courtesy of the K.K. Hebbar Art Foundation. The Art Centre situated on the top floor of the Manipal Centre for Humanities (MCH) is the first step of the MAHE’s initiative to eventually establish a cultural center promoting art and performance with special emphasis on the coastal region of South Canara.

HGAC is committed to its immediate regional community and global artistic community with a focus on artistic creation, pedagogy with an interest in creating a space for thinking about and making art. Thinking through making and thinking through experiencing guides the prime intentions behind the Art Centre.

The activities at HGAC would engage with programming including workshops and readings, forums and screenings, and a keen interest in engaging with the student community and the artistic community in and around the region. Key to such activities is the intellectual support for artist-led projects from the MAHE and the community for collaborative initiatives that shall hopefully initiate a strong impetus for engaging with art and its medium in the spirit of a constructive critical inquiry and behave as an enabling space for curious and creative minds, fostering meaningful kinships in the region.


Vice Chancellor’s Message

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M. D. Venkatesh

Vice Chancellor MAHE-Manipal

With the view of nurturing a deemed university that is at par with the leading global institutions of education, and learning, we at MAHE believe that it is imperative that the student community looks at growth with a multi-disciplinary approach. Compartmentalizing streams of education hamper a rich exchange and collaboration that is essential for minds to think outside of the box, foster experimentation, inventiveness, and ultimately excellence.

We endeavour to encourage students that may be pursuing diverse fields of education like medicine, architecture, or engineering to engage with music, dance, and visual arts in a sophisticated and curated manner. One pivotal step in that direction was the establishment of the Hebbar Gallery and Art Centre - a space that nurtures and encourages creative expression and art pedagogy. HGAC welcomes cross-disciplinary engagement with artists and other cultural practitioners with the aim to encourage a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the student communities in the region and art.

The ethos of K.K. Hebbar as being a visionary and an institution builder along with being a celebrated artist himself is a legacy that MAHE is proud to be associated with. We hope to honour and extend this ethos by establishing a cultural center promoting art and performance with special emphasis on the coastal region of South Canara in the near future. This would be a critical step by MAHE towards encouraging students to engage with the arts in a meaningful way, for them to think outside of their curriculums, and develop themselves as well-rounded individuals and leaders of the future.