Course Structure

 Semester I      Semester II
#  Course Name   Credits #  Course Name  Credits
1 Introduction to Media and Communication 04 1 Introduction to Visual Communication 04
2 Journalism: Principles, Process and Practice 04 2 Writing and Reporting for Media 04
3 Contemporary India: History and Politics 04 3 Editing and Design 04
4 English for Communication 03 4 Writing Skills 03
5 Media and Information Literacy 03 5 Additional Language Course I
6 Indian Constitution 02 6 Environmental Studies 02


 Semester III         Semester IV
# Course Name  Credits #  Course Name  Credits
1 Media Laws and Ethics 04 1 Media Research 04
2 Advertising and PR 04 2 Documentaries as Visual Essays 04
3 Broadcast Media 04 3 Elective Basket I 04
4 Open Elective 03 4 Open Elective 03
5 Additional Language Course II
03 5 Academic Writing 03
6 Photography 02 6 Internship 02


Semester IV
Elective Basket I
Political Reporting
Media Representations and Identities
Alternative and Community Media


 Semester V         Semester VI
#  Course Name   Credits #  Course Name  Credits
1 Media Economics, Business and Management 04 1 Development Communication 04
2 Elective Basket II 04 2 Elective Basket V 04
3 Elective Basket III 04 3 Elective Basket VI 04
4 Elective Basket IV 04 4 Graphics and Animation 03
5 Event Management 03 5 Capstone Project* 06
  6 Research Methodology** 06

* Only for those exiting with Degree after 6th Semester.
** Only for students who have opted for Honours.


 Semester V      Semester VI
Elective Basket II      Elective Basket III      Elective Basket IV Elective Basket V    Elective Basket VI
Art, Entertainment, and lifestyle reporting Sports Journalism Legal Journalism Magazine Journalism Health Communication
Direction and Cinematography Ad Campaign Planning & Execution Studio Coordination & Management Graphics and Visualisation OTT and New media
Digital Newsrooms & MOJO Data Journalism Social Media Marketing Web-content Creation Content marketing & management
Cross Culture Communication Corporate Communication Advanced Software for Media Design Thinking PR - Client Servicing and Business Development
Science, Technology and Defence Reporting Business Journalism Multimedia News Production Post-Truth and Fake News Branded Content and Content Marketing


 Semester VII*
Specialisation Track A - 
Multimedia Journalism
     Specialisation Track B - 
Media and Entertainment Management
     Specialisation Track C - 
Marketing Communication
    Specialisation Track D - 
AV Production
   Specialisation Track E -
Film Theory and Practice
International Communication Media Planning Understanding Consumers Advanced Radio Production   Realism and Documentaries
Geopolitical Issues Digital Planning, branding & Entertainment Management Brand Management Advanced Television Production   History of Hollywood - Studios, genres and classics
Digital Media Entrepreneurship Media buying and Sales Management Events and Experiential Marketing Sound and Light   European Cinema
Immersive Media and Big Data for Journalism Media Monitoring and News Analysis Advanced Digital Marketing Direction   Cinema of Asia and the Middle East
Digital Newsroom Management Media & Entertainment Events -  Strategies User Interface/User Experience Marketing and Distribution   Film market trends and distribution
Media Technologies Television Channel Management Market Research &  Data Analytics Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production   Film Making Practice
Alpha Numeral – A, B, C, D and E will be suffixed in the Course Code

* Four (04) credits each; a total of 20 credits


Semester VIII
#  Course Name  Credits
1 Dissertation & Viva Voce* 12
2 Capstone Project** 12
3 Specialisation Track A/B/C/D  04
4 Specialisation Track A/B/C/D  04

* Research Track only
** Academic Track

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