Visa Requirements

All foreign nationals admitted at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) can study with a Student Visa only

  • Students’ should apply for a Student Visa that is valid for more than 180 days in the Indian Consulate / Embassy located in their countries.  
  • Such students on their arrival in India to start classes will have to register online with the Foreigner’s Registration Office ( within 14 days of their arrival in India
    • The FRO office for students admitted at Manipal campus is Superintendent of Police (SP), Udupi and for students admitted at Mangalore campus is Commissioner of Police at Mangalore.
  • Once registered the students will be issued a Registration Certificate (RC) and Registration Permit (RP) to his / her email address.  
  • A copy of the RC and RP will have to be submitted to the International Admissions Office, MAHE.



  • Student will have to carry a copy of the RC/ RP while travelling in India as well as produce it to the Immigration Office in the airport every time they return to their country. 
  • If the Student Visa expires during their study, students will have to apply for extension of their student visa online ( at least 60 days prior to its expiry
  • If the foreign national wants to apply for a Student Visa from their home country when they go on vacation, will have to collect the Bonafide Certificate from their respective institution/colleges and Eligibility Certificate from the International Admissions Office, MAHE Manipal
  • Foreign nationals should renew their RC and RP online ( as and when it expires or if they come with a new student visa. 
  • Foreign Citizens of Indian origin with a People of India (PIO) Card or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) are permitted to study in India without a Student Visa and need NOT register with the FRO.


How can a foreign national apply for a Student Visa in the Indian Consulate / Embassy?

A foreign national who has confirmed admission and has paid the first-year course fee will be issued the Confirmed Admission letter by the Admission’s Office of MAHE.  With this letter, the student can apply for a Student Visa in the Indian Consulate / Embassy.


Do foreign students admitted to health science courses require ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MHRD), Government of India (GOI)?

Yes, as per the Government of India regulations, all foreign students admitted to health science courses like medical, dental and nursing require ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the MHRD, GOI.  International Admissions office of MAHE on behalf of all the foreign students admitted, will apply for the NOC from the MHRD, GOI after they officially register with the University and start the classes.  With the NOC received, the student can apply for their long term ‘Student Visa’ at their Indian Embassy / Consulates.


Do foreign students admitted to other courses like engineering, management, architecture, pharmacy, etc. require ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Government of India?

No.  As per the Resolution dated June 1, 2004, issued by the Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, NOC is not required for foreign nationals who wish to pursue their higher studies in India in all institutions/university departments offering technical courses leading to Diploma, Degree and Post-Graduate Degree in Engineering & Technology, Architecture & Town Planning, Pharmacy, Applied Arts, MBA, MCA, Hotel Management & Catering Technology, etc.


For any clarification, contact the International Admissions Office at