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2020 General Category Course Fees   
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2020 General Category Program Fee Refund Rules

If the student chooses to withdraw from the program in which he/she is enrolled, the refund of the paid fees will be made as per the following UGC guidelines

Note: The refund rules below, are Not applicable for NEET based admissions


 Percentage of Refund of Aggregate fees * 

 Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is submitted to the University   


100 % **

15 days or more, BEFORE the formally notified the last date of admission


90 %

less than 15 days BEFORE the formally notified the last date of admission


80 %

15 days or less, AFTER the formally notified the last date of admission


50 %

30 days or less, AFTER the formally notified the last date of admission


0 %

More than 30 days AFTER the formally notified the last date of admission

(Inclusive of course fees but exclusive of caution deposit)


  1. In case of (1) in the table above, the University shall deduct 5 % of the aggregate fee or Rs. 5000 (whichever is lower), as processing charges from the refundable amount.
  2. Any student who withdraws from the course as mentioned in S.No.5 and thereafter will be required to remit to the University, in addition to the amount already forfeited, the course fee payable for the remaining period of the course.
  3. In case of Foreign/NRI candidates, the refund will be made as per  RBI/foreign exchange regulations.
  4. All refunds will be processed by the Student Finance Office of the University upon receiving the approval from the Registrar based on the recommendation of the Director (Admissions).  Requests for withdrawals should be made in the prescribed application available at the Admissions Office. A refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the ID card, original fee receipt, and the dues clearance certificate.
  5. Application and Entrance Test fees, wherever applicable, once remitted shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances.


The refund information given above is indicative only and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) reserves the right to make changes as per the notifications received from the concerned statutory/regulatory authorities from time to time.  Any changes in the above will be updated on this webpage


** Formally Notified the last date of admission is the day prior to the class commencement date. Click here for the 2020 class commencement dates


Note: The above refund rules are Not applicable for NEET based admissions