Semester Abroad Program:


In the semester abroad programs, your classes for that semester are conducted in destinations abroad and you live in that city for the entire semester. A Manipal Academy of Higher Education student, thus has ample opportunities to study one or more of their higher semesters in a partner university campus and bring back the credits hence earned.


Please contact your department head to know your available options.


Summer Abroad Program:

Summer study abroad programs offer students the best of both worlds: time abroad to broaden their horizons without sacrificing their on-campus life. Even students with rigorous academic schedules can fulfil their desire to make the most of their summers as they can earn academic credits while understanding and appreciating new cultures. Thus, students have an opportunity to earn college credits from prestigious colleges and universities and/or gain experience with international companies of repute, all the while exploring new cultures, traveling the world, learning new languages and becoming a part of a global community. Summer study abroad programs, hence are a perfect avenue for students to balance their desire for international exploration while making the most of a vibrant and enriching campus experience.