The BDS curriculum includes

  • Dental clinic 
  • Chrome cobalt lab 
  • Ceramic lab 
  • Community camp observation 
  • Compulsory basic life support training.

Career Opportunities

BDS graduates are required to serve two year housemanship in a Malaysian hospital. 


  • The final examination at the end of years I and II consists of restricted response essay, multiple choice questions, oral examinations and practical examinations (Objective Structured Practical Examination).
  • Student should score a minimum of 50% in theory and a minimum of 50% in the practical of each subject.
  • Students who fail in one or more subjects (theory or/and practical) are required to re-appear in the failed subjects (both theory and practical).
  • A supplementary exam is conducted in the failed subject for both, theory and practical after 6 weeks of the final examination.
  • An improvement exam is also conducted before the supplementary exam, whose marks contribute to the internal assessment component of the supplementary exam. In case the student fails in any subject in the supplementary examination, he /she has to repeat the year.
  • Eligibility for appearing for university examination is 90 per cent attendance in both exam going and non-exam going subjects (preclinical prosthodontics and conservative dentistry).
  • Students are permitted a maximum of 8 academic years to complete the BDS course and not more than 3 academic years to complete phase I in Manipal.
  • A student who does not pass a subject in 3 chances is required to withdraw from the program.
  • Viva voce is conducted for borderline students and to confirm distinctions.

Outline - BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery


Bachelor of Dental Surgery outline


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